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Intensive English Learning Program Tuition & Costs

Estimated costs for one eight-week session:
Program Costs:
One-time application fee (non-refundable) $150
Full-time tuition $1990
Full-time fees $160
Textbooks (Estimate—actual cost could be lower) $150
Medical insurance (Average cost: rate varies depending on age.) $160
          Total program costs paid each session  $2460
Living Expenses:
Food (estimate) cost varies depending on option chosen $400-1000
Rent (estimate) cost varies depending on option chosen $760-2000
Total living costs for one 8-week session $1160-$3000
The above costs are based on full-time study, which is 20 hours of class a week.

Living expenses: Various options are available for housing, from a small shared apartment off campus to a luxurious hotel room near campus. Food costs range from the cost for purchasing and cooking one’s own food to purchasing the UGA meal plan.

Personal spending money (for entertainment, toiletries, etc.) is NOT included in the above estimates.

Summer 4-Week Program

In summer 2018, we will offer two four-week programs, from June 4 to June 28 and from July 2 to July 27.  The tuition for a 4-week program will be $1100 and the application fee is $160.  Please note that the costs for the 4-week program for new graduate students are different because that program includes some extras that are not a part of the regular program.

Four-week programs in spring and summer may be available by special arrangement.

Part-time Study

Local community members (those who already have a visa that permits language study (for example J-1 or J-2 visa holders, F-2 visa holders, and those who are permanent US residents or citizens) can take part-time classes for the cost of $400 per class. Part-time students can take between 4 and 16 hours of class a week. The core curriculum classes (listening/speaking and grammar) meet for approximately 4 hours each week for a period of eight weeks, for a total of 32 hours of instruction. Reading and writing are taught as a block, so students interested in taking these classes must attend both classes and pay for 2 classes at $400 per class. Most classes meet 4 hours a week, but sometimes we offer elective classes that meet for only two hours a week for a total of 16 hours of instruction, and these classes cost $200 per class. Part-time students pay a registration fee of only $80, and this fee covers enrollment in up to six classes per eight-week session. Textbooks are NOT included in the cost of the class, so students must purchase the required textbook for each class they are taking. Local community members are not required to purchase medical insurance.  However, they are required to submit a copy of their visa before enrolling in class. If you have questions, please contact us by email at

F-2 visa holders can now study in the IEP from 4-16 hours a week! If you are an F-2 visa holder and you are paying your own tuition, you may be eligible to receive a small discount. Please contact the director to ask about possible discounts for self-supporting F-2 visa holders.

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