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Important Dates & Deadlines

Number of Sessions Each Year

The IEP has 6 sessions each year beginning in January, March, June, July, August, and October.  In spring and fall, our sessions are 8 weeks long.  In summer, students can apply for 4-week sessions or an 8-week session.  Shorter (4-week) programs may be available at other times by special arrangement.  Also, we are happy to make arrangements for group programs.  Please contact us at if you have questions.

Full time-students study 20 hours each week.  Part-time students study between 4 and 16 hours a week.

Application Deadlines

We strongly recommend that students applying from outside of the United States apply 8 weeks before their program start date so that they have plenty of time to get their visas.  However, we will accept applications up to 4 weeks before the program start date, but if you apply late we cannot guarantee that you will get your visa on time.


Program Dates for Spring 2018:

Program Dates Placement Test* Application Deadline**
Spring 2nd session March 12– May 4 March 9 January 12


Program Dates for Summer 2018:

Program Dates Placement Test* Application Deadline**
Summer 8-week Session June 4– July 28 June 1 April 5
Summer 1st (4-week) Session June 4 – June 28 June 1 April 5
Summer 2nd (4-week) Session July  2 – July 27 June 29 May 5
Graduate Student Session July 2 – July 27 June 29 May 5


Program Dates for Fall 2018:

Program Dates Placement Test* Application Deadline**
Fall 1st session August 13 – October 5 August 10 June 13
Fall 2nd session October 15– December 14 October 12 August 15


Program Dates for Spring 2019:

Program Dates Placement Test* Application Deadline**
Spring 1st session January 14 – March 8 January 11 November 14
Spring 2nd session March 18– May 10 March 15 January 18


*Placement Test. You must arrive in Athens before this date so that you can attend the placement test.

**Application deadline. Apply by this date to ensure your immigration documents arrive in time.  You can still apply after this date, but you might not have time to receive your documents.

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