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Department Information for Graduate Students

We will continue to offer a four-week program in July especially for new graduate students.

woman-readingConditional Admission to the Graduate School:

A department may request admission to the Graduate School for international students whose TOEFL speak score is 18 or higher and whose overall TOEFL score is at least 80. This admission decision will be subject to all other requirements for admission to graduate programs. The Graduate School will decide upon admission after considering all factors in the student’s folder, in addition to just the speak test score. The students must contact the director of the IEP to obtain permission to enroll in the summer English program. The department and the student will both need to indicate they understand the conditions.

Minimum Requirements for Graduate Admission under This Program:

  • Obtain a TOEFL speak of 18 or better and favorable other admissions indicators.
  • Take two courses in the Short Session II summer English program.
  • Follow the advice of the director at the end of the program for further work in the fall.

Tuition and Enrollment:

New conditionally-admitted graduate students will pay non-credit tuition and fees, which are paid directly to the IEP. Currently, non-credit tuition for two courses is approximately $1000; fees, insurance and miscellaneous costs are approximately $400; and food and housing for one month typically  cost between $600 and $1200. The average total cost for a one-month program in summer 2017 is about $2200.

The Office of International Education can answer VISA related questions..

Students with a TOEFL Speak Score of 20:

Departments may wish to advise accepted international students, or current graduate students whose TOEFL speak score is 20, to enroll in this summer program in order to improve their English speaking and comprehension skills prior to their first semester.

Fall Semester Courses:

At the end of the summer, the IEP director will make recommendations about further classes such as UNIV 2202, LLED 7768, and LLED 7769, which students may take to continue to improve their language proficiency. The director may also suggest that students take conversational English tutoring or writing tutoring from the Division of Academic Enhancement in their first semester as graduate students.  Indeed, many students continue to use these free tutoring resources throughout their graduate programs.

Please contact the director if you have further questions.

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